Control unit

Our control unit SC / SCD 10.12 expands your ways of filter control. It is an intelligent control system with microprocessor which can be mounted in ATEX filter units inside the filter head insert or in a separate housing and is computer-controlled. Alternatively a single valve control is used in the series 02 and 03.


Characteristics of the control unit SC / SCD 10.12:

  • serial interface RS 232
  • automatic valve indication
  • switchble from time-mode to differential pressure control
  • pressure transducer
  • open software
  • for the operation at a voltage of 24 V DC, 115 V AC or 230 V AV he pressure can be selected between 2 and 8 bar

Adjustable parameters:

  • intermission time
  • valve opening interval
  • regeneration cycles
  • final cleaning (RG1, RG2)
  • regeneration on or off
  • 5 signals (RB, RG, RGP, S1, S2)

Control options:

  • 4 galvanically separated signal outputs (optocoupler)
  • pressure curve recording
  • relay module
  • remote signal module
  • circuit pressure control
  • pressure display module

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