Bulk material discharge

Rotary valve

As a component in material processing plants the rotary valve has to bring in or carry out bulk materials into or out of suction or pressure systems. Bulk material can be granular, tend to paste and caking, initiate intensive abrasion or act aggressively. The rotary valve must meet many requirements to prevent failures in the plant. 

When the bulk material is changed the ts-systemfilter rotary valve can be cleaned quickly and simply without tools. The gear motor of this rotary valve ranks among the brand articles which have proved their worth in the tough world-wide use in industrial plants. Due to the elastic rotor the leakage of the rotary valve is minor in comparison to conventional sluices (German patent: DE 36 11 583 C2/Int. Cl. B 65 G 53/46).

Bulk material fluidisator

The discharge of powdery, viscous products stored in silos frequently causes major problems, for clogging effects such as the formation of bridges or funnels lead to blockages in the outlet cone and prevent a smooth emptying of the silo.


Dust container with lifting spindle

The dust container with lifting spindle is used if the separated dust of the filter separator should be collected or disposed of. The mounting parts are provided.

Ball stop valve

A ball stop valve seals the the opening of the outlet without any additional expenditure and prevents the formation of deposits on top of it. It provides for a gentle discharge of the bulk materials and reduces the formation of dust.

For this ts-systemfilter gmbh developed a patent of her own.

Giving the gist of the patent specification DE 38 15 389 C the ball stop valve is described as 

a flap to close a pipe-shaped outlet with round opening of a bulk material separator, inside of which the bulk material is transported by underpressure. The flap is elastically supported, centers itself and is positioned pivoting on an axle next to the outlet. The flap dips into the opening and extends over its rim.

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