Components for the secure mounting of filter units

There are various ways for the installation your filter apparatus. Please refer to our list below for assistance in selecting the installation components which meet your individual reqirements.

Welding ring

The welding ring permits the simple and problem-free fixing of the top mounted filter apparatus on containers, suction hoods, buffers etc.

Welding rings are available in aluminium, steel or stainless steel.

Housing with loose flange for the base filter apparatus

The housing with loose flange allows the base filter apparatus to be fitted with a loose flange.

For mounting with a divided loose flange you have to provide a seal. Well proven are elastic profiled joints or silicon sealing compound. 

The housing with loose flange for the base filter apparatus is available in aluminium or stainless steel.


Filter units with separators are erected with the rack.

This combination allows for the addition of discharge components such as the rotary valve, butterfly valve or the connection of dust pots and dust containers.

The rack will be delivered in parts ready for assembly.

The filter apparatus with the rack uptake plates will be screwed down at the housing flange.

3 bottom claws

The bottom claw is used for fixing a stand filter apparatus.

Wall brackets

For attachment to the wall, wall brackets are optionally available for the filter units of ts-systemfilter.

Adapter for filter housings and fans

The adapter connects the fan with the filter apparatus as well as various types of filter units from different series. Clamping rings (with seals) permit the use of all adapters from the smaller to the bigger series and vice versa.

More components for the installation

  • Clamping ring
  • Flange
  • Divided bottom flange
  • Housing flange
  • Support bracket
  • Support claws for rack
  • Support claws for overhead suspension from the roof
  • Mobile filter apparatus with rollers

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