Stand filter apparatus

[series 12, 13, 20, 30, 40]

The stand filter apparatus is especially suitable for the suction cleaning of working places and machines to where the separated product should not be returned immediately.

It is available with a sack for the bulk material, a dust pot or dust container.

We distinguish between the following construction types:

  • Series 12:
    Small stand filter with bulk bag/PE
  • Series 13:
    Small stand filter with stainless steel dust pot (6 litres)
  • Series 20:
    Stand filter with bulk bag/PE
  • Series 30:
    Stand filter with stainless steel dust bowl (6 litres)
  • Series 40:
    Stand filter with dust container made of polyethylene (30 litres)

Equipment options

  • permissible in the food branch
  • integrable in existing systems
  • corrosion resistance
  • material: seawater proof aluminium
  • light construction
  • no static problems
  • rotable up to 360°
  • regeneration C: fully automatic regeneration with compressed air  »on-line-operation« [time control]
  • jet module with valve box, valves and electronic control
  • 3 filter elements will be regenerated by 1 compressed air impulse
  • temperatures up to 60 ºC
  • from 5000 Pa (500 mmWG) underpressure up to 5000 Pa (500 mmWG) overpressure
  • power supply: 230 V AC, 40-60 Hz, 10 W
  • compressed air supply: 3 up to 6 bar, oil and water-free
  • hose connection: nominal width 13 mm
  • series 20 with bulk material sack/PE [STS], mounting via 3 bottom claws
  • series 30 with dust pot stainless steel (6 litres) [STT], mounting = loose erected – up top series R03, mounting via 3 bottom claws – from series R 05
  • series 40 with dust container polyethylene (30 litres [STB], mounting via 3 bottom claws

  • material: stainless steel, steel
  • mounting: divided loose flange, flange, bottom flange, GH FL
  • regeneration F: no regeneration (reservoir, safety, police, storage filter)
  • regeneration B: mechanical, automatic regeneration by shaker motor »off-line-operation« (storage filter with interruption for regeneration)
  • regeneration CD: fully automatic regeneration with compressed air »on-line-operation«
  • differential pressure control with measure line cleaning, circuit pressure control [NDM] optional
  • power supply: 115 V AC, 40-60 Hz, 10 W; 24 V DC, 12 W with compressed air supply 2 up to 4 bar
  • other ∅ da for connection pieces upon request
  • for reduced explosion pressure [ST 1]
  • other temperatures and pressures upon request
  • filter head heating (with series 13)
  • FDA-compliant or compliant with regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004
  • ATEX compliant (all zones)
  • special surface treatments of stainless steel for the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • captive connections
  • acid resistance
  • individual mounting options
  • individual connection options (nozzle size selectable)
  • expandable with further accessories

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