Regenerable HEPA filters

High Efficient Particulate Air (filter)

ts-systemfilter has been using the system of suspended particle filtration by means of a non-regenerable second filter stage since its founding in 1978. Thanks to further development of the filter media, other combinations from our modular system are also used today.

Using regenerable H13 filter elements, the standard dust types can be used to achieve the residual dust levels of the previous suspended matter filtration, without having to use a second filter stage. Expensive process interruptions when replacing the secondary filters are thus history.

In particularly sensitive areas, such as chemicals or pharmaceuticals, for even greater safety, e.g., our mini filters "Two-way filter" or "Filter module" can be used as plug-in or top filters. Depending on the application, they serve as the first or second filter stage.

Our minis are characterised by the following features:

  • 12 bar pressure resistant
  • glass fibre-free regenerable H13 filter elements
  • ATEX and food approval
  • optionally expandable by activated carbon (for example for the filtration of aromatics)
  • degrees of separation ≥ 99.995 %
  • clean gas values ​​<1 mg/m³
  • small and compact for low heights

HEPA filter - yesterday and today

The classic ts-HEPA filter has a two-stage design. Absolute operational reliability is achieved with these two filter stages.

Stage I works as a product separator. It can be operated with high dust loading. This stage is equipped with fully automatic cleaning.

The filter material in Stage I is exposed to wear, so that leaks may occur over time. To ensure the lowest residual dust levels, even over the long service life, Stage II has the same filter elements as Stage 1, however without cleaning.

The state of the secondary filter is monitored by a differential pressure switch. If a previously set maximum pressure is exceeded, a signal is issued.

The filter material of Stage I is now finally consumed. The filter elements of Stage II are transferred to I. Stage II receives new filter elements and the filtering process continues.

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