Filter module

For the first time, our mini-filter was presented at Powtech 2017. The filter module can be used for aspiration, for venting pneumatic conveyors, as a safety filter and for many other applications.

Executed as ts-series 00 [basic filter apparatus], the filter module serves as the minimum equipment for separating bulk material and carrier gas. It is, e.g., used as plug-in filter apparatus or optionally designed as a top filter for placement on a container. For the 01 series, the filter control is optional.

  • The 01 series filter module is integrated autonomously into the process or inserted in the bypass as a police filter on the exhaust side for process control and contributes to a controlled ventilation of the process.
  • The inflow of the filter surface takes place on the raw gas side from outside to inside.
  • The contaminated star filter is pushed into a closed container as in a pneumatic tube system. Thus, the star filter can be disposed of free of contamination.
  • The filter module can be used for controlled explosion in a pressure-resistant housing.
  • It is flame-propagation-proof and holds back the whirling burning dust.

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Equipment options

  • permissible in the food branch
  • as secondary filter integrable in existing systems
  • corrosion resistance
  • light construction
  • material of valve box and valve cover aluminium
  • clamp connection NW 125
  • (tri clamp®) DIN 32 676 stainless steel 1.4571
  • compressed air supply G ¼ network pressure 2-8 bar
  • power supply 24 V DC
  • pressure-resistant up to 12 bar
  • valve tank volume of 0.4 or 0.9 liters
  • upright and horizontal valve with measuring line cleaning adapter
  • star filter conical with open end and other standard types
  • activated carbon
  • FDA-compliant or compliant with regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004
  • ATEX compliant (all zones)
  • special surface treatments of stainless steel for the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • captive connections
  • acid resistance
  • versions for extreme temperatures
  • individual mounting options
  • individual connection options (nozzle size selectable)
  • diameter valve tank: 140 mm
  • diameter of clamping piece (Tri Clamp®): NW 125 - 155 mm
  • height without star filter with 0.4 liters: 160 mm
  • height without star filter with 0.9 liter: 200 mm
  • star filter ts-k 021 /...- 30: D 122, H 210 mm
  • filter area ts-k 021 /...- 30: 0.2 m²
  • weight without star filter with 0.4 liter valve tank: 3.7 kg
  • weight without star filter with 0.9 liter valve tank: 5.1 kg

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