The Two-way-filter is used to separate bulk material and carrier gas. It can be used for aspiration, for venting pneumatic conveyors, as a safety filter and for many other applications. The filter apparatus is integrated autonomously into the process or inserted in the bypass as a police filter on the exhaust side for process control and, thus, contributes to a controlled ventilation of the process. It can also be used for the controlled course of an explosion in a pressure-resistant housing.

During filtration, the dust-laden raw gas flows from the outside in through the filter element. The dust forms a growing dust cake on the outside of this filter element. The filter element is regenerated from time to time by means of compressed air pulses. Due to the mounting by means of a clamp connection, it is possible to change the filter element without tools. Due to the metallic design of the illustrated filter element, an additional cleaning can be highly tempered carried out as well as in an ultrasonic cleaning process.

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