Safety components

Implosion protection

The implosion protection (ZLS) stops unnecessary air change and prevents an implosion at product discharge as well as the inlet of air dampness.The implosion protection works fully automated and can be retrofitted at any time. Its application is recommended for hygroscopic bulk materials. The implosion protection device is mounted on the clean air side of the filter apparatus. When the product is discharged the air flows in automatically.

Pressure relief of the clean air side

In case of a dust explosion the pressure relief system reduces the explosive pressure. An extension of the filter housing above the pressure relief system makes it possible to divert the compressional wave to the outside, so that the work area which would be at risk can be used continuously.

The pressure relief system with its diverter channel has been certified.

Pressure compensation valve (DAV)

The pressure compensation valve (DAV) is an overpressure and underpressure protection device. It prevents the silo from overcharge and bursting. In case of overcharge without a DAV the filter media will be distroyed. While the silo is discharged the pressure compensation valve prevents an implosion. 

According to the regulations for the prevention of industrial accidents (UVV) 6.0 silos, §8, closed silos charged pneumatically must be structured and set up as follows:

  • the valve size is conform with the diameter of the conveying tube
  • an overpressure of 0,1 bar must not be exceeded
  • an underpressure must not endanger the stability of the silo

Overpressure is relieved by opening the top cover contrary to the resilience of a spring. After the pressure compensation the spring closes the pressure compensation valve.

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