Remote signal module MSM-5

The remote signal module MSM-5 will be available from June 2024.


The status of the monitored silo components is displayed with colorful LED displays and the differential pressure in the filter apparatus is also shown with a segment display.


The remote signal module (MSM-5) is installed in the control panel. It indicates the differential pressure in the filter apparatus, provides messages about filter operation and can monitor the silo for overpressure and overfilling as a silo safety device. For this purpose, a level indicator in the silo and a pinch valve in the delivery line must be installed on site.


The MSM-5 is operated in conjunction with the SCD 10.12 filter control unit, which provides a 24 V DC power supply. The filter control unit provides 5 different digital signals and a 4-20 mA signal corresponding to the differential pressure. There are 4 outputs, a digital pressure display and 7 LEDs (green, yellow, red) for displaying the actual status.


It can also be integrated into an existing system with third-party filters at any time.

Remote signal module MSM-5